In our previous blog ‘The Story Behind the Name Devika" we revealed the thought process behind the design of Devika. In this blog, we have captured the meaning of Kolb to give you a glimpse into the mind of Devika’s CEO and founder Ken Kencevski and hopefully, an appreciation for the story behind Kolb by Devika.

From David Kolb to Devika’s Kolb

David Kolb is an American educational theorist who developed the experiential learning theory (ELT) and has had his work cited by thousands of academics worldwide. Kolb’s theory poses that learning is a process comprised of four separate and circular stages which, when completed, result in the most beneficial learning outcomes.

David Kolb Theory of Experiential Learning

“There are two goals in the experiential learning process. One is to learn the specifics of a particular subject, and the other is to learn about one’s own learning process,” David Kolb.

More simply put, experiential learning means to learn by doing and is a concept that struck a chord with Ken. For example, instead of reading about scientists in Antarctica, to achieve experiential learning, students could be transported there in virtual reality (VR) and take on the role of a scientist! By creating scenarios such as this, students can use reflexive thinking to consider how eg. overfishing might impact a penguin’s habitat.

Kolb by Devika

Based on this theoretical approach and inspired by David Kolb, Ken innovated the product Kolb to provide students with immersive learning experiences in VR. The first scenario of an envisioned series is the Antarctica Experience, which is pictured below.

Screenshot of Kolb Antarctica Experience

“Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it.” David Kolb

Devika’s Logo for Kolb

In the Devika’s timeline, the build for Kolb began a few months after the Devika branding had been established. In order to maintain synergy within Devika, Ken ensured that each additional product adhered to the original Devika logo through font, colour and curvature.

Logo development for Kolb

The logo now associated with the product Kolb is the result of months of brainstorming, creative thinking and engineering designs to honour David Kolb’s four-stage process and align with Devika’s brand. The chosen design, pictured below in Devika red, includes four dots which symbolise the four different stages of experiential learning and the connecting lines reference the circular and continuous nature of the process which Kolb by Devika has been inspired by.

Kolb by Devika logo

Ken Kencevski, A Published Author

In addition to founding Kolb by Devika and developing the Kolb Antarctica Experience, Ken has co-authored and published a journal article ‘VR and AR for Future Education’ alongside Yu (Aimee) Zhang.

The collaborative publication is intended to equip educators with the knowledge and confidence about the benefits of experiential learning and the ability for emerging technology such as VR to create these experiences. With the empirical evidence to support its use, we hope that educators worldwide would feel confident to implement technology such as AR and VR in the classroom and provide more students with experiential learning opportunities.

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