Take your mind back, maybe to the school athletics carnival where you were standing at the starting line of a racing track. Remember that rush of adrenaline pulsing through your body as you anticipate the start of your run. You can feel your breath, heavily beating under your chest. Your feet are grounded and ready to launch forward the second you hear the gun go off. You’re looking at the finish line, knowing that in mere minutes it will all be over. Time seems almost unmoving and then BANG, the race begins!

Activate Events and Web Development

We became involved with Activate Events, providing technical support through web development to simplify operations as participant interest rose. This included implementing the front end activities such as the design, as well as back-end procedures such as software development. The Devika team was able to build an automation service and integrate multiple communication platforms onto one central location to improve efficiency. So, instead of having various emails and systems of communication, we created one platform where all emails were directed, making it easier to track and respond to inquiries.

Devika Cares

Our collaboration extended from 2016-2017 and involved Devika sponsoring the organization’s website development for events which ran that year. This was possible through Devika Cares, our community outreach initiative which seeks to address and support important social and cultural issues. Another incentive is our shared value, ‘pushing boundaries’ which is all about having a go, trying something new and not being afraid of imperfect outcomes.

Activate Events Goes Online

The Activate event organizer, Robert Battocchio, is a passionate individual who enjoys bringing the community together through outdoor activities. Not only do these events encourage people to push their boundaries but they also raise funds to support local not-for-profit organizations such as Anglicare in 2018. As Activate has flourished, unsurprisingly, it has increased the fun, competition, funds raised for charities and subsequently, the planning required. Recognizing this change, Rob saw that the adoption of technology (web development) was necessary to create a more effective system both for participants and himself.

Ready, Set, Go!

Activate has been around since 1999, encouraging individuals throughout the Illawarra to get outside and challenge themselves physically through fun runs, Aquathons, triathlons, and other athletic activities. If you live in Wollongong, you may even be a participant in events such as the Australia Day Aquathon or the Splash and Dash. Activate Events encourage anyone to have a go; the young, the experienced, first-time goers and regular contenders...The only required criteria include having a go and having fun!

It was a pleasure collaborating with Activate Events and we look forward to seeing how this initiative flourishes. Devika is always willing to support meaningful initiatives and if you have a project, get in touch here.