We’re excited to announce that Devika has undergone a transformation and the restyled Devika logo has officially launched!

Putting the Devika logo under the microscope has led to a change in the logo style. During this process however, we’ve made sure to capture who we are and what we’re about which includes five key concepts that have represented Devika since it was founded in 2016: People, planet, pushing boundaries, prosperity and an open organisation.  

Devika logo 2020

We’ve left a trail of Easter eggs for you to find in the new logo and as well as being a bit of fun, they communicate the essence of who we are.

Computers operate on a binary (base-2) system which uses two digits, 0 and 1 to create, store and disperse content such as image, text and sound.

E.g 01000100 01100101 01110110 01101001 01101011 01100001 means Devika!

Building experiences with technology is an integral part of Devika and as binary code is the foundational language which supports our operations, it has been incorporated in the ‘d’ through the combination of the ‘0’ and ‘1’.

0 + 1  =

Devika new logo 'd'

The Four Foundational Pillars

The four foundational pillars, prosperity, pushing boundaries, the planet and people, are four key values which underpin what we do here at Devika. If you’re up for an Easter egg hunt, each pillar has been incorporated into the new logo.


Flip the “d” 90° and you’ve got the first pillar - people. The figure of the head and shoulders represents our commitment to build experiences that contribute to the wellbeing of others.  

A perfect example of this value is the Evenness Virtual Reality Sensory Space which provides an environment for people with a disability to regulate sensory responses.

Devika's four core pillars - 'people'


Take the “d”, remove the “l” and you’ve got the planet. This Easter egg represents our commitment to the natural environment and participation in sustainable practices.

Bushfires recently tore through our beautiful home of Australia with conditions reaching catastrophic levels. This couldn’t be a more obvious effect of climate change and the need for us, as a business, to take responsibility and reduce our effect on the planet.


In order to continue building meaningful experiences, financial growth is essential. While profit is one part of prosperity, we identify prosperity as sustainable growth which includes giving back to the community and contributing to important social issues.

The circle in the “d” represents a seed and the line “l” represents the growth of the seed as it shoots upwards.

Pushing Boundaries

Draw your eye to the white space in between the “i” and ‘k” and you’ll be able to see number 1.

Pushing boundaries is all about staying at the forefront of the industry, seeking out new opportunities in your personal and professional life and keeping number 1 in your line of sight with the aim to be the best version of yourself.

Devika's four core pillars - 'pushing boundaries'

Open Organisation

Instead of working in silos and sticking to what we know in our own department, we’re creating an internal culture that thrives off of collaboration, coordination and applies a cross-functional approach.

This is symbolised in the lower case "d" in "devika" to communicate our commitment to being an approachable organisation that facilitates collaboration within our internal and external networks.

Open organisation

For more on why we made this change, the story continues here.