Technology often has a humble beginning, looking relatively chunky before being refined and perfected over time through collaborative work, patience, and rigorous testing. A classic example of this is the mobile phone, which has transcended from the brick into sleek smartphones. A similar evolution is evident in virtual reality (VR) and it's exciting to see progress through the Vive Wireless Adapter. While it’s not perfect, this development reveals the potential for VR to create seamless, high-end experiences in the future.

We’ve purchased and tested the Vive Wireless Adapter and are eager to share our finding with you! Why are we doing this? We share knowledge because we wouldn’t be where we are today if others hadn’t shared their knowledge with us. Let’s dive in...

Installation Steps for Vive Wireless Adapter

Here are 7 steps to follow for installation which integrates Vive’s guide with new advice based on our personal experience. We’d suggest leaving around 30-60 minutes to set it up.

1. Turn PC off, then add Wireless PCIe WiGig card
This allows the PC to stream data fast enough to the headset to provide a smooth experience.

Vive Wireless Adapter PCle Slot

2. Connect Wireless link box to the card via cable
This replaces the existing wired connection to send the data between the PC and Headset

Vive Wireless Adapter, Wireless Connection

3. Remove existing cable from the headset and replace with the wireless adapter cable
Important to make sure it is securely connected

Vive Wireless Adapter; Port for the cable

4. Add the new head cushion and secure Wireless Adapter

Vive Wireless Adapter ; New head cushion

5. Connect the Power Bank to the wireless adapter

Vive Wireless Adapter; Battery pack

6. Download and Install the VIVE wireless app, pair the headset to the PC here or direct download here.

7. Put on the headset and experience VR wirelessly!

Devika's Review


  • Complete freedom inside the headset with no trip hazard of cords
  • Fast charging times
  • Supports both Vive & Vive Pro


  • Heavier headset due to the additional clip-on battery pack
  • Installation is time-consuming and fiddly
  • Because of the PCIe WiGig card installation, it’s impossible to swap between PC’s quickly

The Vive Wireless Adapter is the first of its kind so it’s no surprise there are both pros and cons to the experience. Overall, we’re loving the new hardware and can’t wait to see where the next versions go to from here! Thanks, Vive, for a great new addition to the realm of virtual reality.

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