Devika is excited to be working with Westpac on a product that will help them conceptualize what the future of banking will feel like; with holograms and through the power of Augmented Reality (AR).

The application was built on the Microsoft Hololens to create an AR banking simulation that can be controlled through hand gestures and voice commands. This demonstration shows that once the hardware is mainstream, it will serve as a realistic alternative to the browser and mobile phone-based platforms. It has the potential to revolutionize the financial sector as it allows users to do all of their banking, from checking a balance and making deposits to receiving a home loan, through a headset.

While the current price point and mobility of a Microsoft Hololens would not yield the smoothest user experience for day to day banking, these are the exciting first steps to a new future. The vision that we share with Westpac is for this app to become available to use on light wear glasses, similar in design to Ray Bans or Oakleys (think less headset and more Snapchat's Spectacles).

One of the best things about this project is that we get to partner with the open-minded, innovation team at Westpac. Westpac is Australia’s first bank and oldest company but it doesn’t let its age hold it back. Instead it uses its past experience and passion to improve to blaze a path forward.

It is Westpac’s vision to become one of the world’s great service companies which helps their customers, communities, and people prosper and grow. This is already evident as they undertake a project like this. We feel that companies who are looking to build deep and enduring customer relationships will aspiring to improve the customer experience for the next generations. In our eyes, Westpac is putting the right foot forward and leading the community towards this vision.

Part of our vision here at Devika is to help companies, like Westpac, to improve through innovation and enable them to provide the best services and products to their customers. If you are looking to the future and augmented or virtual reality is on your horizon, feel free to contact us.