We’re excited to announce that the Evenness Virtual Reality Sensory Room successfully launched Thursday 14 March, in collaboration with The Disability Trust. Through the launch, Evenness is now accessible within the Illawarra Region and supports individuals with disabilities to develop key sensory skills.  

This is a significant milestone as it marks the successful launch of Devika’s first in-house Evenness product to the market. While we endeavor to use technology to create meaningful change, the reality of this mission was realized at the event when we met individuals in need of this solution.

The Mind Behind Evenness

Evenness was Founded by the CEO and Founder of Devika, Ken Kencevski, who has developed associated products, such as Kolb with the intention of utilizing technology to create meaningful change in the community and collaborating with individuals who aspire to do the same.

Devika’s mission is to use technology to positively affect people, the planet, prosperity and pushing boundaries. Yes, technology can be seen as ‘cutting-edge’ and ‘awesome’ but fundamental to our collaborations is a unified vision to better the community.

Stated by Evenness Founder, Ken, “we enable people and organizations with technology in mind...Technology is our canvas and a bicycle for the mind.

We collaborate with experts in their field and leading technology organizations to facilitate transformations and use today’s ideas and people as the essence of how we create.”

Paul Scully MP, Sharon Bird MP, Devika Founder Ken Kencevski and Software Developer Byron Papanikolaou (left to right)

The Opening of Ralph Black Drive Hub

Event attendants included our very own CEO and Founder of Devika, Ken Kencevski and software developer, Byron Papanikolaou who respectively presented and showcased the technology.

We appreciate the initiative and participation of those involved who have collectively enabled the implementation and adoption of the Evenness Virtual Reality Sensory Space, namely, Sharon Bird MP who approved the $10 000 grant, Paul Scully MP, Club Trust Illawarra manager Gerald Farrugia, Disability Trust CEO Margaret Bowen and Disability Trust COO Edward Birt.

Ralph Black Drive Launch of the Evenness Virtual Reality Sensory Space

The History of Evenness

A pilot study, from the SAGE Journals, of a sensory room in an acute inpatient psychiatric unit showed the use of sensory rooms (also known as comfort rooms) to reduce seclusion rates has generated a great deal of interest. This study examined the outcomes associated with the introduction of a sensory room in an acute inpatient psychiatric unit. Use of the room was associated with significant reductions in distress and improvements in a range of disturbed behaviours. Those individuals who used the weighted blanket reported significantly greater reductions in distress and clinician-rated anxiety than those who did not. No changes were noted in rates of seclusion or aggression. This is what excited us!

Therefore, we spoke to some local subject mater experts and decided to undertake the challenge of recreating particular activities of a physical sensory room in a virtual reality environment. Making impact saleable is what excites us about this project. In doing so, we are now in the process of working with academics to undergo further research surrounding the virtual reality space and how it will enable providers to be able to adopt sensory rooms in a more affordable manner, expansion the efforts both nationally and internationally through emerging technology.

To begin a conversation surrounding the Evenness Virtual Reality Sensory Space, feel free to contact us directly.