We’re excited to announce that Devika’s Australian operation has been listed in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) Award 2019. With a growth rate of 318% we were placed #239 in the 2019 Awards.

This achievement not only represents our financial growth but is a reflection of the resources and skills we are using as a startup in Wollongong to contribute to meaningful projects and initiatives that support others in the community.

“Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations of technology over three years is proof of strong and talented leadership,” said said Mike Horne, Asia Pacific Deloitte Private Leader. “It is a pleasure to celebrate the people and teams responsible for such high quality success.”

Sustainable Growth Doesn’t Focus Just on Revenue

Without having/seeking investment to date, for us, the key has been to foster sustainable year on year growth through our client collaborations which echoes our commitment to the four foundational pillars Devika is built on; planet, people, pushing boundaries and prosperity.

“I have been taught that revenue is vanity and profit is sanity. As coming from a family business background I have been taught that fostering sustainable and organic growth should be the focus and has been key to our growth to date and more importantly into the future” Ken Kencevski.

318% Growth in Meaningful Experiences

Some of our most memorable initiatives include building the Evenness virtual reality sensory space and launching it with The Disability Trust to provide people with a disability access to a customised room to learn sensory skills and regulate anxiety.

A second fond project is the Devika initiative with Aussie Books for Zim to launch the Chisuma Library. Refurbishing the library in rural Zimbabwe and filling it with over 2000 books is supporting the community move away from a cycle of poverty through education. It was a life-changing experience for our team member Bradd Grimson who was at the opening launch.

Bradd at Aussie Books for Zim

And we couldn’t forget to mention the incredible partners we work with. As tech advisory, we have been part of their missions to tackle important issues such as education, health and wellbeing.

The End of a Decade

We’re thrilled to end 2019 and the decade celebrating this achievement. It is a reflection of the Devika team’s hard work and our measure of success, to build meaningful experiences and journey the path less travelled to, put simply, help others.

If we cannot support you to build a meaningful experience in 2020, reach us here.