Taking the lead in supporting virtual reality (VR) developers to imagine, develop and create new experiences, Oculus has launched an Oculus Start Program to offload some of the costs in VR development.

We successfully applied for the Oculus Start program with our in-house built product Kolb and received four virtual reality headsets and Oculus merchandise.

It felt like Christmas came a little early to the Devika office when the parcel arrived!

Six Degrees of Freedom

The Oculus Rift provides 6 degrees of freedom, creating a more immersive and life-like experience by enabling the user to move, twist and turn in any direction.

We’ve also enjoyed testing out the Oculus Quest which has taken virtual reality to a new level of immersion through the wireless feature. With internal senses built into the headset, our partners are testing and trialling VR with room-scale tracking, making for a more realistic experience.

Bradd using a mobile device to see what Byron can see

Learning with Virtual Reality in Local Schools

Since receiving the headset, we’ve been developing out the next series of Kolb for high school students to learn about Antarctica and have been testing it with the Oculus Quest.

Access to multiple headsets as an Oculus Start Member has provided us with enough resources to test Kolb in-house and showcase the Kolb experience to local schools to introduce a new, immersive element to the classroom.

Regulating Anxiety with Six Degrees of Freedom

In addition to setting up the Oculus Quest in local high schools to support student learning, in collaboration with the Disability Trust we’ve set up the Quest in the Mittagong office to provide residents with access to the Evenness Virtual Reality Sensory Space.

Through 6 degrees of freedom technology, users have access to a more supportive environment to learn sensory skills and regulate anxiety.

Thanks Oculus for supporting us to create virtual reality experiences.

If we can extend the favour to you by helping you to integrate virtual reality into your workplace, school or another area of life, contact us here.