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Facing the Biggest Challenge of my Career to Find my Purpose

Too often do I hear people refer to their workplace negatively, feeling that they’re working themselves to the bone in a company that Marie Kondo would say, “sparks no joy.” I believe that being passionate about your workplace and aspiring to achieve meaningful things is crucial, not only for your professional life but for your…
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Old Bankers Investing in New Bank; Say Hello to $120M Volt Bank

The banking industry has changed significantly throughout the past few years and is now progressing into an integrated system of online and offline procedures. Websites, applications, wearables, and other innovations have enabled tremendous advancements within the banking industry, improving internal and external processes on an exponential scale. The latest banking innovation include Neo-Banks, which have…
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Devika Working With The City of Innovation on Evenness

We’re excited to announce that the Evenness Virtual Reality Sensory Room successfully launched Thursday 14 March, in collaboration with The Disability Trust. Through the launch, Evenness is now accessible within the Illawarra Region and supports individuals with disabilities to develop key sensory skills.   This is a significant milestone as it marks the successful launch…
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Wollongong Tech Community Banding Together to Represent Siligong Valley

If you’re a lover of all things tech there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Silicon Valley...The birthplace of some of the most innovative technologies in the world, the most well-known being Apple, Google and Facebook. Well, here in Wollongong we have our very own Siligong Valley, which was founded with the intention to create an…
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Website Development Goes Swimmingly for Innovative PoolBox

We’ve always been told that water and electronics should never mix, but in this case, they are the perfect pair. We would like to introduce you to PoolBox, an Australian pool care company, who have collaborated with us to build their very own e-commerce website! The intention behind this decision was to improve internal functionality…
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