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E-Commerce Lessons Learned: Crossing Borders Cross-border trade (CBT)

ECommerce Lessons Learned: Crossing Borders Cross-border trade (CBT) Cross-border trade (CBT) is many things at once: exciting, romantic, scary, risky. This session will feature a discussion and Q&A with a retailer that's successfully selling into a foreign market. Ken will dive into his experiences with international marketplaces and the challenges and opportunities faced when crossing borders. Presenter: Mark Gray, Managing Director, APAC, ChannelAdvisor…
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Devika Cares Partners with Officeworks and TerraCycle

Thanks to Officeworks, Devika's recycling tech! We can now successfully manage all of the e-waste, as well as that of our partners. Officeworks is pleased to partner with TerraCycle to offer recycling solutions for hard-to-recycle products. Through their collaboration, Devika's recycling tech such as old printers and electronics that would have otherwise crowded the office, acting as…
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Fascination with the Sky

I have always been fascinated with the sky and growing up in Wollongong I was lucky enough to have open, blue skies that faded into the beautiful blue ocean. Being an adventurous spirit, I have always appreciated being able to look up and experience an inexpressible feeling of freedom as my ability to imagine whatever…
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Google Partners with Devika Technology

Devika is proud to be in Google Partners, empowering the team to work with independence and build what’s “next”. Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Best known for having “the world’s best search engine” due to its accuracy and ease of use, Google also provides a…
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Speedmaster Going Green

At Speedmaster our mission is to Go Green and move to a complete Paperless Operation by the end of 2017 This initiative aims to help us to play a small role in climate change by improving our operations to reduce the negative efforts that paper consumption and the eradication of trees have on our environment.…
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