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Should I Outsource Software Developers or Give it a Crack Myself?

Should I tackle a software project myself by building a team, find a technical co-founder or partner with a technology agency instead? It’s a great question and to be honest, there is no one wrong or right answer. It really depends on your situation, experience, team, resources, focus, and time. Maybe the solution is actually…
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Enabling You to Buy and Sell Online as Shopify Partners

Devika has been developing websites since its launch in 2016 and has done so to support individuals and businesses transition online. We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Shopify to improve the efficiency of our website development. Through our partnership, we have built website’s with e-transactional capabilities, which put more simply, has…
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Kolb Research to Reveal Benefits of VR Experiential Learning

Virtual reality is making its way into the education stream and while it is an exciting platform to use, its relative newness often results in hesitancy when it comes to adoption. To combat psychological barriers to adoption, empirical evidence assists in the validation of its use. Research has been conducted by Dr. Shiva Pedram, UX…
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Goodbye Trip Hazards, Hello Vive Wireless Adapter

Technology often has a humble beginning, looking relatively chunky before being refined and perfected over time through collaborative work, patience, and rigorous testing. A classic example of this is the mobile phone, which has transcended from the brick into sleek smartphones. A similar evolution is evident in virtual reality (VR) and it's exciting to see…
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Racing Towards the Finish Line by Starting with Web Development

Take your mind back, maybe to the school athletics carnival where you were standing at the starting line of a racing track. Remember that rush of adrenaline pulsing through your body as you anticipate the start of your run. You can feel your breath, heavily beating under your chest. Your feet are grounded and ready…
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