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Aboriginal Australian Culture and Knowledge Scaled Through VR

Knowledge goes hand-in-hand with responsibility. It’s handed down from generation to generation so that wisdom is never forgotten. We are guided by knowledge and exist in this world by learning about the relationship which exists between us and the land. Knowledge isn’t a right, but rather, accessing higher levels of knowledge is a sacred practice…
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Different Types of VR

The development of virtual reality (VR) as a widely accessible platform has been a momentous achievement in the technology industry. It has enabled businesses and customers to access more efficient and effective solutions. This has been evident in industries such as the entertainment, education, and property development sectors. While this innovation may feel advanced enough,…
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A New Reality: VR Moves into Business Arena

Only in the last few years has virtual reality (VR) become prevalent. While this technology is relatively new to the world, it has the potential to create meaningful change across a multitude of sectors. While many people have heard of VR, many don’t fully understand its capabilities in the business arena. This is why we…
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Scaling the Shyft Network KYC/AML in Australasia

Devika Ventures is proud to be partnering with the Barbados-based blockchain technology company, Shyft Network. Our shared objective is to implement  the Shyft’s Network as the unified framework that will allow the private and secure sharing of Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti Money Laundering (AML) data locally to achieve greater standardization and efficiency in regulatory…
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Westpac’s Business of Tomorrow 2018

Here at Devika, we excited to announce that we have been chosen as one of the winners of the 2018 Westpac Top 200 Business of Tomorrow Award. This is a great accomplishment for us as it acknowledges the drive, quality of work, and innovation of our technology team.   Business of Tomorrow We have been…
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