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Sensory Rooms Go Virtual with Evenness VR Sensory Space

When you first wake up, what’s the first sound that you hear? Maybe it’s your alarm or perhaps it's the sound of baby birds chirping outside your window as they wait for their morning breakfast… For some people, as soon as they wake up they are ambushed not just with noise but with every kind…
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The Story Behind the Name, Devika

In order to learn about the story behind the name, Devika, one must first overcome the challenge of pronouncing it. We have heard an exceptional amount of variations when people have tried to say Devika and we have decided that the time for clarification has come. So let’s sound it out... “Dev,” sounds like the…
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Stop and Smell the Roses; Better the Environment and Health

Is it just me or has ‘being busy’ become the new normal…? It is no longer a season of life which we enter into and push through to reach the other side but rather, it’s a constant and inescapable state of existence. One might even go so far as to say that this description of…
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Sally Fitzgibbons Surfs for Gold and Better Health

As you have probably experienced, pursuing a career that you are passionate about is often accompanied by highs and lows. We all have successful days where we leave work, content and satisfied with what we’ve achieved. Other days, however, drag and looking away from the time, which seems to be unmoving, is an hourly challenge.…
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Entertainment Industry Goes Virtual with VR Arcade

Have you had the exciting opportunity to try on a virtual reality (VR) headset and slip away to an entirely other place? If you haven’t, get ready because the experience may be coming to you soon. More organizations are beginning to adopt VR in an effort to enhance their customer’s experience. Adopters of this technology,…
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