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Sally Fitzgibbons Surfs for Gold and Better Health

As you have probably experienced, pursuing a career that you are passionate about is often accompanied by highs and lows. We all have successful days where we leave work, content and satisfied with what we’ve achieved. Other days, however, drag and looking away from the time, which seems to be unmoving, is an hourly challenge.…
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Entertainment Industry Goes Virtual with VR Arcade

Have you had the exciting opportunity to try on a virtual reality (VR) headset and slip away to an entirely other place? If you haven’t, get ready because the experience may be coming to you soon. More organizations are beginning to adopt VR in an effort to enhance their customer’s experience. Adopters of this technology,…
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Red Bull Basement University Launches at UOW

What is the one thing, as a student on campus, that really frustrates you? Maybe you wish that there was a solution for the horrendous parking, some way to satisfy your desire to be environmentally friendly without risking coffee leaking out of your reusable cup and making its way through your bag, an easier way…
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IoT Devices Creating Smart Cities; KPMG Expo 2018

The SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong (UOW) has been launched into the virtual world with the development of a 3D virtual model of the facility, the utilization of Nube.IO sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT). Showcasing this initiative alongside UOW representatives at KPMG’s Expo 2018 provided attendants with an insight as…
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Aboriginal Australian Culture and Knowledge Scaled Through VR

Knowledge goes hand-in-hand with responsibility. It’s handed down from generation to generation so that wisdom is never forgotten. We are guided by knowledge and exist in this world by learning about the relationship which exists between us and the land. Knowledge isn’t a right, but rather, accessing higher levels of knowledge is a sacred practice…
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